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Máy đai tự động SQ-800SUS
Máy đai tự động SQ-800SUS

Máy đai tự động SQ-800SUS

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Máy đai tự động SQ-800SUS

Introducing StraPack5s new line of strapping machine, the SQ-800SUS with Stainless Steel Body. The SQ-800SUS provides better efficiency without compromising the reliability of the legendary RQ-8xSUS.
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The SQ-800SUS boasts all of the advanced features of the SQ-800 such as self-loading, refeed and loop ejection, but adds an attractive and practical stainless steel body.

■    Strapping Speed

Standard strapping rate is 54 straps/min, even when a tension is applied. The machine is ready to operate in less than 25 seconds, contributing to increased packaging line efficiencies.

■    Even Less Moving Parts, with Self-Lubricating Design

Using the DC motor for the Cam Shaft eliminates the need for clutch, brake, V-belt (A type), FR roller, driven micro-V belt, and back tension. This means less moving parts and less maintenance cost. The self-lubricating design also reduces wear and tear and increases operational life.

■    Stainless Steel Body

The fully enclosed stainless steel cabinet protects the components from water and wash-down spray. The bottom of the cabinet is reinforced to provide extra protection where moisture exposure is greatest, The dispenser can be raised to keep the strap dry.

The SQ-800SUS can be built in most of the configurations available in the SQ-800 into the poultry

Standard Specifications (Arh size 650 mm wide x 500 mm high or 25" wide x 20" high)



1254 mm

49-3/8 in.


1403 mm

55-1/4 in.


609 mm

24 in.


126 kg

278 lbs.

Table Height

794 mm

31-1/4 in.



W 620 X H480 mm

W 24-1/2 X H 18-7/8 in.



W 80 X H 30 mm

W 3-1/8 X H 1-1/8 in.

Joint / Strap

heat seal / polypropylene

heat seal / polypropylene


5, 6, 9,12,15.5 mm

1/4, 3/8,1/2 in.

Strap Tension

450 N (46 kgf)

101 lbf

Power Supply

100,120, 220, 230, 240V Single phase 50/60Hz 0.74kVA