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Metal Food Detector - NA1-T300-CS (W) - Japanese Nikka
Metal Food Detector - NA1-T300-CS (W) - Japanese Nikka

Metal Food Detector - NA1-T300-CS (W) - Japanese Nikka

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Metal Food Detector - NA1-T300-CS (W) - Japanese Nikka

Metal Food Detector - NA1-T300-CS (W) - Japanese Nikka
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Type NA1-T300-CS (W)
Controller type NA1

Sensitivity *1



ø 0,3mm


ø 0,7mm

Rejection method

Conveyor stop and buzzer
Belt width 220mm
Type of detection unit Coaxial
Coveyor frame SUS
Conveyance speed 20m/min. (50Hz). 24m/min. (60Hz)
Power source AC 100 ˜ 230V, 50Hz, 1phase


Conveyor leghth/passline height 800mm / 750mm±50mm


Weight 90kg



Metal detectors apply electromagnetic induction to detect metal objects through their good electrical conductivity. The receiver coil will capture the induction field in the effective detection space of the probe, detecting the object through the field-induced intensity.

What is a metal detector for?

Using an industrial metal detector is a machine that checks, detects and detects strange metal objects mixed in products. Metal detector allows checking without contact and does not damage the product. For the food and seafood processing industry, it is imperative to apply a metal detector to the line before packaging the finished product. Especially for factories that export products through the European and American markets, the conditions for detecting metal impurities are more severe. This requires the use of Japanese standard detectors such as those of Nikka, with highly sensitive, durable and accurate probes in harsh environments.


1. Famous brand: Nikka quality needle detector is supported by all customers.

2. High sensitivity: Use digital to capture the optimal for both types of metals. Metal detectors use 02 frequency frequencies used at one time (1 frequency Metal detectors contaminated from SUS, Aluminum, silver, copper ...., 1 frequency of metal detector waves from Fe, ..). In a factory-based comparison, the DUW-h series of metal detectors provide up to three times better detection sensitivity for vibration and noise, and increase the detection of metal impurities twice as much. .

3. Most durable: Made entirely of stainless steel, durable in seafood

4. Easy to operate and use: Less maintenance, easy to clean and clean. Maintenance is also simple by following the on-screen instructions

(1) Instructions to check the start operation.

(2) Each instruction is given in a clear, understandable way.

3) When a procedure is performed incorrectly, the metal detector screen warns display and does not allow to proceed further.

5. Machine noise warning light: When the metal detector is disturbed by mechanical, conveyor belts, the indicator light environment will turn yellow

6. Operation: Keyboard for pressing metal detector and LCD touch screen for easy operation and installation.

7. USB data storage: There is a USB port to store data for daily operation. The data can be transferred to the computer via USB with output in CSV format.

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