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PP / PET straps

Thông tin PP / PET straps

High quality and durable Thanh Binh belts are suitable for many product packaging specifications, suitable for both closing and closing machines.

Plastic belts are an indispensable product in the packing of goods of various heavy industries and light industries. Currently, Thanh Binh produces and supplies to customers two types of PP plastic straps and PET Strap plastic straps.

PP Strap straps

PP Strap straps or PP plastic straps for short are a product used for industrial packaging. This type of belt is made of primary plastic beads in the form of yarn or in belt form.

PP plastic straps have high mechanical strength, this type of belt is very strong, difficult to tear or pull off. PP plastic is known to be able to withstand forces 1.5 times higher than the same size belt products. If your item is heavy weight, use PP plastic straps without worrying about the broken, broken or broken movement. Specific characteristics of PP plastic straps are as follows:

+ Environmental features: Easy to recover and reuse

+ Safety: When cut off or not causing injury to users.

+ Impact resistance: Strong

+ Ability to damage goods: No

+ Stability after packaging: Durable, firm, long-lasting.

Application of PP Strap straps

PP straps are widely used in many different fields such as packing, splint, construction materials, semi-finished products ... in companies, enterprises such as garment, brick and tile, food and seafood, .. Besides, PP plastic straps are also used in many sectors of transportation, freight forwarding, transport information.

PET Strap straps

PET Strap straps also call PET plastic straps as one of the packaging industry products. PET plastic straps have outstanding sun properties as follows:

+ Safety: When the belt is cut hard or does not cause injury to people.

+ Good moisture and heat resistance

+ Very strong bearing capacity.

Application of PET Strap

Thanh Binh PET plastic straps are used in the packaging industry in all different areas. PET straps are specialized in packing packages of products such as: fired bricks, unburnt bricks, wood, ceramics, fiber, steel pipes, steel products, paper products, packing packages, barrels , pallet goods ...

PP plastic straps and PET plastic straps are two outstanding products of Thanh Binh. Two types of plastic straps made by Thanh Binh are high quality products with toughness, long durability, very firm. Moreover, Thanh Binh's plastic straps are extremely environmentally friendly because they are made of bioplastic resins. Using plastic straps of Thanh Binh, surely your goods will be safe and intact in the process of arranging and transporting.

Why should I choose Thanh Binh's plastic straps?

Thanh Binh Co., LTD, whose full name is Limited Liability Company, has nearly 20 years of experience in the field of manufacturing advanced, automated packaging equipment. We understand that the value of your goods is decided in the final stage of packaging, shipping. This is a particularly important stage to determine the quality of products to customers. Thanh Binh's belt products help you pack your products automatically and semi-automatically as a safe solution for goods, especially during transportation.

In addition to manufacturing and distributing high quality belts, Thanh Binh also specializes in providing plastic and metal belt buckles. With long-term experience, a skilled and professional workforce, Thanh Binh's belt products certainly ensure your demand. Very pleased to be a reliable partner, accompanying you on the way to build and develop your career!